About Us

Our mission is to give our youth a voice to address important issues that relate to them and our community. In a digital age where information and communiction is shared through social media and the internet, Richmond Youth Media strives to provide the tools to our underserved youth, giving them the chance to express their hopes, needs and concerns through video and other digital formats.

Our program helps them expand their sense of being able to impact positively and succeed in mainstream American society. We do this by teaching young people from our community video production skills under the mentorship of media professionals.


Our Work

Our approach to educating and training our youth.

Educational component through workshops and afterschool programs. Students learn production skills while creating digital media products that address community issues.

Job training component that uses a production company model to teach our young people how to succeed in a real-world working environment. This model creates pay-generating work for our students while making videos of importance to our community.